Being environmentally friendly, finding solutions for better consumption and staying in fashion trend is the challenge that we try to solve by offering collections made of organic textiles and recycled material.

Ma Chérie Mon Amour is a brand that follows this philosophy in terms of products, packaging and logistics. Consuming responsibly, using organic materials and finding the least environmentally harmful logistics solutions is a real challenge for everyone.

Our textile collections are designed with this in mind, using shorter supply chains and organic materials.
Our vinyl collections are the perfect blend of durability and style. They are designed for everyday use and ensure long-lasting performance.

Made in Europe

At Ma Chérie Mon Amour we value product origin, packaging and recycling to limit our carbon footprint on the planet and reduce the level of our carbon emissions.

A real challenge, especially in the textile industry, which is one of the biggest polluters in the world, led us to consider the following points when developing our brand. Our collections are all made in Europe.

On demand

In Germany we only produce what we need. Our textiles are only printed to order. This means there is no overproduction that consumes resources unnecessarily.

Our vinyl products: placemats and coasters are also produced in Germany upon request. No storage, production is made to order and therefore takes longer to deliver. It takes between 5 and 10 working days and the logistics costs are higher, but we wanted to offer high quality, durable and design-oriented products.


The transport packaging is licensed with the Green Dot: The retailer has licenses from so-called system partners (e.g. Green Dot), which in turn take over the recycling and disposal of the packaging waste.


Plus, our team is 100% European, a nice mix of French and German!