Month of Love - Valentine's Day

Month of Love - Valentine's Day

Feb 01, 2023Julie Hildmann

February is traditionally the month to celebrate love. A little history around Valentine's Day: there is no official history but several legends around this day. 

The first one takes place in the 3rd century in Rome where Valentine was a priest who united couples in hiding because the emperor Claudius II wanted men on the front line of wars and not married men! Discovering the secret, the emperor threw Valentin in prison and he gave sight to the blind daughter of his jailer just before his execution. He sent her a last letter signed "Your Valentine".

The second is less romantic since it was to replace a pagan festival of ancient Rome called the Lupercales taking place around February 15 and which consisted in celebrating the god of fertility, the god Lupercus. Men violated women to purify them and make them fertile ... It is far from the romantic images of Valentine's Day.

The last theory, and the most recent since it dates from the 14th century, comes from England and is more romantic! Indeed, the English believed that it was the day of the mating of birds and lovers exchanged sweet bills called Valentines. This custom has remained and on Valentine's Day lovers take back their pens! If you lack inspiration read our Love Letters tab for some great quotes about love.

3.2.1 to your pens!

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