Dive into our vibrant Spring-Summer 2024 Collection : placemats, coasters and rugs in vinyle

Dive into our vibrant Spring-Summer 2024 Collection : placemats, coasters and rugs in vinyle

Mar 27, 2024Julie Hildmann

Dive into the vibrant and joyful world of our new Spring-Summer 2024 collection, where colorful patterns blend with elegance to elevate your tables. Inspiring designs, evocative motifs, and a touch of cheerfulness characterize our placemats, coasters, and rugs, creating a chic and refined summer ambiance.

Joyful and Colorful Patterns

Be captivated by patterns that evoke the freshness of waves, the delicate art of Portuguese ceramics, or the majesty of the animal kingdom with our jungle animals. Our creations transport you to a world where nature invites itself to your table, adding a touch of originality and sophistication to every meal.

Elegance and Cheerfulness Abound

Whether you opt for the colorful patterns inspired by the Italian pop style or the playfully staged animals, our placemats and coasters add a playful and chic note to your tables. Each piece is designed to brighten your meals and create a convivial and warm atmosphere.

A Touch of Freshness for Your Tables

Whether for a sunny lunch outdoors or an elegant dinner indoors, our placemats, coasters, and rugs bring a touch of freshness and originality to your decor. Treat yourself to the luxury of an elegant and joyful table with our Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

From elegant floral patterned placemats to bold illustrated coasters and sophisticated geometric rugs, the possibilities are endless to create a space that reflects your style.

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl products are extremely easy to maintain, making them ideal for daily use. A simple wipe with a damp sponge or a quick cleaning is enough to keep them impeccable, making them valuable allies over time.

Dive into the colorful, joyful, and elegant world of our new Spring-Summer 2024 collection. Let yourself be seduced by evocative patterns, inspiring designs, and unparalleled quality that will give your tables a chic and festive look.

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